Here at Torque Technique, not only can we fabricate complete exhaust systems, but we can also supply you with all the components to build your own, or maybe you want materials for a completely different job.

We sell a range of bends off the shelf at the most common angles (90 degrees, 180 degrees etc) but we can also bend the tube on site to your specific requirements.


We have tooling in the following sizes (inches) 1 1/4,   1 3/8,  1 1/2,  1 5/8,  1 3/4,   1 7/8,   2,  2 1/8,   2 1/4,   2 3/8,   2 1/2,   2 3/4,  3

All the above tube sizes can be mandrel bent on approximately 1.5 x Centre Line Radius in mild steel and stainless steel of 1.5mm wall thickness. Our tooling is being continuously updated, if you contact us with your requirements we will try to meet them.

Mandrel Tube Bender