With almost 30 years experience we count ourselves as one of the best in the business. We can provide standard off-the-shelf solutions for your car or build custom exhaust systems to suit your requirements.  Whether it be a simple replacement for an original, untampered classic or a standard family saloon through to a full race-style system for a classic supercar or custom car.

Improved performance and fuel efficiency

Not everyone knows that a well designed bespoke exhaust system can enhance your car’s performance and even improve fuel efficiency.  A very topical subject nowadays.  Buying an exhaust system that delivers the sound you want and yet returns your money spent over a period of time through improved fuel efficiency can only mean good sense.

Stainless steel – cheaper in the long run

Stainless steel systems are also an added benefit and they can outstrip the life of a more conventional mild steel system because they don’t corrode anywhere near as easily.  Of course a stainless steel system may be more expensive initially but again, this becomes a cheaper option in the long term because it will probably never need to be replaced.

Camper van and commercial applications

We don’t only provide solutions for cars.  We also provide custom bespoke solutions for camper vans and commercial vehicles.  Many disabled vehicles need to accommodate wheelchairs that may require unconventional access to the vehicle via ramps or powered lifts.  Exhaust pipes can get in the way of these devices so they need to be moved to accommodate them.  We offer a service to re-locate exhaust exit positions or whole exhaust systems through bespoke solutions tailored to the individual vehicle.  We welcome fleet contracts.

Sports Catalytic Converter

Sports Catalytic Converters (cats) have many advantages over your vehicles standard set up. Our sports cats are metallic which is stronger, and less prone to clogging up than some ceramics. Our cats are also free flow cats, as they have less cells which are bigger (100 or 200 cells per inch) giving you more performance and increasing fuel economy.

Due to the cells being bigger there is a chance that on some vehicles the emissions will not be low enough to pass the MOT, but we have a large range of cats and will try our best to fit a cat that will.

Standard Catalytic Converter 100 CPI Sports Catalytic Converter
A Standard Catalytic Converter

Our 100 cell per inch

sports Catalytic Converter

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