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Marcos Mantula

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A chap from Southampton brought his Marcos Mantula to us to have the rear sections of the exhausts replaced.  His old system was gradually deteriorating to a very sorry state and due to the low-slung character of these cars, he kept grounding the ‘remains’ of the exhaust.  We had already replaced the manifolds some time before but due to budget at the time, they were produced in mild steel.  We used his old manifolds as a pattern to create the new ones so if anyone out there wants a Marcos V8 pair of manifolds, we have them.  We produced the rear sections in high quality stainless steel and one of our primary aims was to get them tucked up as high off the ground as possible so he shouldn’t have any more problems for a very long time!  We suggested a balance pipe to get the most out of the system ensuring a balanced exit of the emmissions and therefore a more efficient system.  It should even improve performance marginally.

The exhaust note has a lovely tone.  The old system was literally straight through with two cherry bombs as the only form of silencers.  He told us how he could set off almost every car’s alarm in his local multi-storey car park without too much trouble.  This new system is quiet enough to hold a conversation between driver and passenger but delivers a gorgeous V8 snarl when the power is laid down.

A very satisfied customer!